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Bid and Tender Writing Service

For many clients, bidding activity can be unpredictable.

Bid timelines may change – sometimes dramatically – which makes planning difficult, or the size and nature of the bid questions make it seriously time-consuming and even daunting.

That’s why partnering with Kittle Group offers a cost-effective solution as we are there when you need us, and we make the entire process easy and stress-free. 

Our Sector Experience

Explore our extensive industry experience of supporting clients in their tender opportunities.

Our approach is to tailor the service to the client's business needs, for example, whether they are looking for us to manage the entire bid process, or to augment their existing team with resource and expertise.

When preparing bids, we use a proven methodology that ensures the client gives the Buyer exactly what they are looking for and that information is presented in an easy-to-read and digestible manner.

We do this by:

  • Working with the client to create an integrated bid team
  • Working alongside the client’s Bid Manager to ensure we are aligned throughout the project, including their governance arrangements for signing off the bid
  • Preparing and planning extensively to understand the Buyer’s needs and the client’s solution
  • Capturing information through simple interviews to establish the information required to answer the Buyer’s questions
  • Providing constructive challenge to ensure the Buyer’s needs will be satisfied by the solution
  • Drafting each bid response, checking in with the clients at all stages to ensure information is factually accurate, and conducting our own internal peer-reviews
  • Finalising responses by having them reviewed by professional proof-readers.
Working as a team

Our Tender Writing Support Process

Our bid writing process

This approach keeps the client fully in control of their bid, while we remove all the stress of drafting. It also allows the client to focus on running their business while we do all the hard work. Clients receive a daily updated report from us to keep them fully informed of progress, and have access to a tracker to see the status of each questions at any one time.

Some clients prefer us to manage the entire process for them. For this, we provide a Bid Manager who oversees the project from solution development to final submission. We manage correspondence with the Buyer through their portal on the client’s behalf, check clarification questions and answers against the solution, and work with their finance team to ensure the solution and pricing are perfectly aligned.