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Empty big white room with concrete floor and walls, artificially lighted, showroom and exhibition interior design concept, 3d rendering, mock up

Keeping things simple

I recently came across a memo on the National Archives website from Winston Churchill dated August 1940 addressed to all members of the War Cabinet and

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cable ties around cables

Method in your madness?

As bid writers, we are often asked to prepare responses that request a ‘methodology’ or ‘approach’. We see such questions covering a wide range of industries,

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The art of storyboarding

When bidding, it is important to ensure your proposal: Answers the bid questions fully States what, who and how you will deliver your service Evidences or

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The Thinker

Time to Reflect

New year is always a good time to reflect on the past and think about the future. Here’s our thoughts on us as a company and

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