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Bid Management Service

We take the stress out of the bid process.

We do this by managing tender projects from start to finish using our tried and tested approach.

Bid Managers are responsible for running the entire bid process. Particularly ensuring responses are prepared on time and are of the highest quality possible.

Why choose Kittle Group?

Why clients use us time and time again to prepare their bids and proposals


  • Ensure roles and responsibilities are clearly defined and assigned – the fastest way to derail a project and process is to have unclear expectations. 
  • Facilitate communication across the bid team – bids are communication intensive.
  • Align objectives and focus – it’s critical each member of the bid team is moving in unison with one another.


  • Create and maintain a project plan for the duration of the bid.
  • Implement agreed processes by which the bid is prepared, reviewed, and submitted.
  • Keep the entire project on track.


  • Manage the library of bid documentation provided by the Buyer.
  • Manage governance and review processes, to ensure the bid receives approval before submission.
  • Ensure all the necessary documents are uploaded to the Buyer’s portal and submitted on time.
  • Maintain a library of collateral material for use for future bids.

Kittle Group has successfully performed Bid Manager roles for competitions varying in size, complexity, and industry.

“Kittle Group has transformed the way we manage our bids, taking away the stress and time commitment. Kittle uses a structured approach to bid management, which they adapted to suit the way we work. Their energy, determination, commitment, and enthusiasm is very evident and contagious and has a great ability to make bidding fun. We always have confidence that all is under control and bids will be submitted on time and to the highest quality. As a result of working with Kittle our win rate has increased.”
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Our bid management service is designed to give you the confidence that your bid is being conducted with the utmost competence and professionalism.

Through this, we hope to achieve long term collaborative relationships with you and your staff.

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If you have any questions about how you can either use our bid management service, or discuss your own internal bid management, please get in touch.