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Bid Review Service

Improve your win rate through our bid review service.

Whether you are about to click submit and want an expert eye to check your responses or you haven’t achieved the results you were hoping for in the past and want to find out why, Kittle Group can help.

Bid Review example

Our in-depth review service will assess your bid against three main criteria:

Compliance – whether you have addressed all the points the Buyer has asked in its questions.

Evidence – how well you are demonstrating your capability, capacity, and experience and why the Buyer should choose you.

Clarity – how well you are articulating your information on the page, including use of language, styles, and formatting.

You will receive practical and objective advice to improve your scores - either this time around or on future bids.

Reviews are conducted by one of our Senior Writers and overseen by Alan Kittle, our Managing Director, who has 14 years’ experience both writing winning tender responses for clients as well as leading the evaluation of bids on behalf of a major UK Government Department for £200m pa of contracts.

We will tailor the review to provide feedback in a format that will give you the best value, whether this is providing comments on individual questions or a general report with our findings and ways to improve.

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To find out about how we can help, why not give us a call on 01491 902021?