Contract Finder is a new service where we help you to find contracts or funding opportunities suitable for your business.

Contract Finder

A researcher will work with you to understand your company, the services you provide and the types of contract you are looking for.

We will then register an interest with portals to which we have access.

As contracts are advertised, we will send you an alert. You can then decide if you want to bid for them or not.

There is no obligation to use our bid writers to help you prepare your bids, but of course we hope you will want to do so.

Contract Finder has a small initial set up fee and then a subscription of just £35 per month. For more information, contact us using the form below.

Market Research

We will work with you to understand your company, the services you offer and types of contracts you are interested in. A dedicated researcher will then conduct an analysis of the market, looking at contracts that are currently being delivered by your competitors, when they are due to be renewed and the anticipated contract values.

You will then receive a personal report detailing the pipeline of potential opportunities for the next 6 months to 3-5 years, your prospective new customers, and potential contract values. You will also receive advice on how to prepare for the different bids.

Once you have chosen the contracts you are interested in, we will alert you when they are due to be re-tendered. Again, you choose whether you want to bid for them.

We offer similar services for charities looking for funding opportunities.


To find our more about our Contract Finder and Market Research services, please contact Sam Nimmo on 01491 902021, fill in the contact form below or email

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