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Kittle Group takes pride in developing individuals who have a foundation of academic skills into highly competent professionals.

If you are interested in a position with us or want to know more about the profession, then read on.

What jobs do we offer?

We predominantly offer Bid Writer positions, however we occasionally offer Business Development and Proof-reader positions.

Bid Writers

A typical week involves interviewing clients. You therefore need excellent interpersonal skills. You will also read a fair amount, assimilating information quickly and identifying what is relevant. Bids vary from a few sides to hundreds of pages, so you have to enjoy writing - a lot!  Excellent time management is also required as you will be working to deadlines.

Business Developers

Our business development team answers enquiries, maintains our communications, prepares client briefs, and manages project schedules. It also organises weekly team events, from formal training to roundtable discussions.


Even our most experienced people become 'word blind' when writing hundreds of pages. Our proof-readers are, therefore, a critical quality control, reading documents for typos, grammar, and consistency.

“As a writer, I really enjoy the broad range of clients I get to work with, learning about different sectors and industries, some of which I had never considered before.” – Alex, Bid Writer​

Want to join us?

As a market leader, our standards are high, and so we require exceptional core skills, drive, ambition, ethics, and positivity.

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Our recruitment process

Our recruitment process follows a 5-stage approach:

  1. An application in the form of a covering letter and CV
  2. An initial telephone interview about your application
  3. A written exercise designed to test core writing skills
  4. A final interview with our Senior Management Team
  5. Vetting and refences.

Candidates must pass each stage to move to the next.

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Meticulous bid service

What do we look for in a writer?

While most writers have a degree, we are more interested in transferable skills to:

  • Assimilate and interpret information quickly 
  • Plan and structure work effectively
  • Present evidence-based arguments
  • Write clearly and succinctly
  • Have a good range of vocabulary 
  • Pay close attention to detail.

Softer skills and competencies include:

  • Teamwork
  • Building positive relationships
  • Being open and communicative
  • Taking responsibility for planning and time-management
  • Focusing on continuous improvement
  • Working well under pressure
  • Being comfortable exchanging ideas
  • Being open to critical challenge.
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What can I expect when I join Kittle Group?

New writers receive an initial 4-6 weeks training programme.

This is designed specifically for our business, and includes class-based training to learn about key topics, develop fundamental skills, and undertake practical exercises.

You will then join our wider team on real bids.

As you grow in confidence and competence, you will have more responsibility until you are entrusted to manage your own projects. Throughout, you will have a mentor as a friendly and experienced contact.

You can expect training to last 9-12 months.

Even then, you will receive on-going training with consolidation courses, masterclasses, and roundtable events.

We offer a professional, but relaxed work environment in which to develop.

This, paired with a competitive starting salary, pension scheme, and other benefits, including a profit share option, makes Kittle Group the perfect employer for someone with a real passion for writing, who loves teamwork, and is keen to join this exciting profession.

Current Vacancies

We are currently hiring bid writers! Please see on Indeed.