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Our Team

Our team is drawn from people of a wide range of backgrounds – from publishing to the civil service, from teaching to law and from marketing to IT.  What connects them – beyond the fact they are brilliant people – is their sense of diligence, commitment to customer service excellence, interpersonal skills and sense of fun.

Alan Kittle, Kittle Group Managing Director

Alan Kittle

Managing Director

Christian Nimmo

Senior Writer

Sam Nimmo

BD Manager

Joe Stewart

Senior Writer

Calum Sanderson

Senior Writer

Alex Thomas

Bid Writer

Zoë Kyle

Bid Writer

Divine Gonsalves

Bid Writer

Lauren Lavill

Bid Writer

Will Martin

Bid Writer

Joel Found

Senior Bid Writer

Ben Stevenson

Bid Writer

Will Mitchell

Bid Writer

Sam Rice-Wright

Bid Writer

Rachel Kittle

Company Secretary

Christine Galley


Luke Abbott

Business Development

Emerald Maloney

Business Development

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Managing Director 

Alan leads our work on the most strategically important bids for clients and has gained excellent reputation in the industry.

Alan delights clients by: 

  • Leading the full bid process through to submission 
  • Advising on procurement regulations, writing style, and suggested content
  • Turning solution into compelling narrative 
  • Aligning responses to evaluation criteria to deliver best possible outcomes. 

 He has a broad range of experience, with specialisms in justice, immigration, and FM.  

 Key contract wins include: 

  • Largest ever contract win for a FTSE 250 public outsourcing company 
  • £5.9bn strategic framework for a major European engineering firm 
  • Five lots for a UK civil engineering group – more than doubling their turnover. 

 Prior to founding Kittle Group, Alan served as Director for a major Central Government Department. 

Senior Bid Writer

As a Senior Bid Writer, Christian leads writing teams on highly complex or resource intensive bids. Strategic clients repeatedly request Christian to provide in-depth reviews and practical feedback against evaluation criteria. 

Christian holds experience in varied sectors, including justice, construction, and information technology.

Professional highlights include:

  • Leading a team of writers in successfully supporting a FTSE 250 company on a multi-billion pound framework 
  • Delivering an exceptional track record on complex technology bids for several clients 
  • Instrumental external review for multi-national construction firm, resulting in £130m contract win.

Christian has a Law degree from the University of Kent and is currently completing an MSc in Computer Science.

Business Development Manager 

Sam joined Kittle Group in 2017 as the third employee, tasked with growing the business and managing client accounts. The role has grown with the company and now Sam: 

  • Leads company strategy and recruitment
  • Forges relationships with potential new clients
  • Manages bids – from resourcing and planning through to submission, serving as an integration point between clients and writers. 

 Sam prides himself on his positive, transparent, and honest approach to delivering on clients’ goals and interests.

Professional highlights include:

  • An instrumental role in the company’s growth from three to seventeen staff and a five-fold increase in turnover  
  • Bid management for a successful submission into the Home Office for a FTSE 250 company 
  • A successful submission managed on behalf of a UK Strategy Consultant for a must-win CCS framework. 

“Sam has transformed the way we manage our bids, taking away the stress and time commitment. He uses a structured approach to bid management, which he has adapted to suit the way we work. His energy, determination, commitment and enthusiasm is very evident and contagious and has a great ability to make bidding fun. We always have confidence that all is under control and bids will be submitted on time and to the highest quality. As a result of working with Kittle our win rate has increased.”

Senior Bid Writer 

Joe serves as a senior writer for high priority bids in sectors such as IT management, facilities management, transport infrastructure, and programme management consultancy.

 Key bids include:

  • Successfully leading a business critical bid for a waste management company 
  • Supporting an international company in a winning submission for a £120m transport framework 
  • Heading a team of writers for a large facility management bid on behalf of a newly formed Joint Venture. 

“Joe’s ability to transfer complex information into compelling narrative was invaluable. The end result was easy to read and evaluate.”  Head of Bids at a Digital Information Company

Senior Bid Writer 

Calum joined Kittle Group in January 2018. As a Senior Bid Writer, Calum leads writing teams on highly complex or resource intensive bids. Specialisms include justice and immigration, Soft FM, and transport infrastructure security.  

Professional highlights include:  

  • Supporting a FTSE 250 company across multiple stages of a £200m bid for the Home Office, resulting in contract award 
  • Developing the bidding processes and collateral for a repair, maintenance, and construction company over the course of a one-year contract 
  • Leading a strategically vital bid for a security company bidding into the rail industry. 

Calum has an MSc in Ancient History from the University of Kent and a BsEcon in International Politics and Military History from Aberystwyth University. 

Bid Writer 

Alex joined Kittle Group as a Bid Writer in January 2019. His experience includes justice, FM, and transport infrastructure. 
Highlights include:

  • Supporting an international company in a winning submission for a £120m transport framework
  • Leading a strategically vital bid for a UK firm in the rail industry  
  • Back-to-back business critical assignments for a major UK FM provider.

 “Professional, efficient and organised. Working with Alex was a pleasure and made my role as an SME much easier.” – Senior Strategic Asset Manager, Multi-national utility company 

Alex holds an MSc in Law.

Bid Writer 

Zoë joined us as a Bid Writer in 2020 and has gained experience in transport (particularly rail), justice, charity, and nuclear decommissioning.  

Example projects include: 

  • Supporting a family-owned community interest charity, specialising in providing rehabilitation services for women, winning their first Call-Off contract within the Framework 
  • Leading a tight turnaround submission into the Department for Transport on behalf of a Strategic Consultancy firm
  • Producing a winning £350k bid for requirements management into a prestigious Government Programme. 

 “Zoë led for us on the development of a bid response which required a fast turnaround. The requirements were complex, and Zoë was flexible and supportive. Her organisational skills  and proactive approach enabled us to maintain focus”.  Technical Lead, UK Strategy Consultancy Company

Bid Writer 

Divine is one of our new bid writers, joining us in 2021 as a bid writer from a catering company. She gained a degree in English and Creative Writing from the University of South Wales. Her training and development will be supported by a Senior Bid Consultant and our internal mentorship scheme.  

“I enjoy the order, challenges, and creative freedom that bid writing offers. I was drawn to Kittle Group through their involvement in justice, defence, and aerospace tenders, and look forward to building working knowledge in these sectors. I’m excited to dive into the world of bid writing!” 

Bid Writer 

Lauren joined us in 2021 as a new bid writer. She holds a degree in English and Creative Writing from the University of Birmingham. Lauren’s training and development will be supported by a Senior Bid Writer and our internal mentorship scheme. 

 “I am eager to collaborate with and support differing clients to achieve positive outcomes. I am particularly interested in working in sectors such as engineering and justice, with hopes to expand my experience across many more.” 

Bid Writer

Will joined Kittle Group in 2021. He received a degree in Law from the University of Surrey. Will’s training and development will be supported by a Senior Bid Writer and our internal mentorship scheme. Will’s sectors of interest include justice and engineering, as well as how we can support charities in accessing funding.  

“The aspect of bid writing that most interests me is working with subject matter experts and gaining an insight into the various sectors and industries we work with. I am looking forward to the process of refining how I research and present information to produce the best quality writing for clients.”

Joel joined us as a writer in January 2018 and has supported a wide range of bids, from justice through to logistics and construction. He has also supported a number of grant-funding applications for charities and universities.

An all-round excellent writer, Joel’s self-stated goal is ‘making the complex compelling and the technical accessible’.

Joel has a PhD in English from the University of Southampton.

Bid Writer

Ben joined Kittle Group in August 2021. He holds a degree in English from the University of Oxford. Ben’s training and development will be supported by a Senior Bid Consultant and our internal mentorship scheme.

“I’m excited to have joined Kittle Group at a time of significant growth for the company. Training as a Bid Consultant will give me insight into different industries, and hone my communication and writing skills. I’m especially keen to work on charity bids, and any other bids that make the world better.”


Bid Writer

Will is one of our new bid consultants, joining us in 2021. He received a Master’s degree in English Literary Studies from the University of Exeter. His training and development will be supported by a Senior Bid Consultant and our internal mentorship scheme. Will has a particular interest in environmental bids, such as where the contract facilitates the provision of low carbon energy.

“I like to learn new things, so I am looking forward to working with people in an array of different industries and sectors.
I am interested in bid writing because it allows me to exercise my skills in research and writing, which I developed during my studies.”

Bid Writer

Sam joined us in 2021. He received a degree in English and Japanese Studies from Oxford Brookes University. His training and development will be supported by a Senior Bid Consultant and our internal mentorship scheme.

“My aim is to try and leave the world a slightly better place than I found it, and so I’m looking forward to working with charities, public services, and other good causes while helping our clients make a positive change in the society in which we live in.”

Company Secretary

Rachel is our Company Secretary and Administrator and has worked for Kittle Group since 2016. She manages everything from company records through to financial control and business processes. Due to her 17-year tenure in administration, and managing staff in antiques and fine art, Rachel knows the importance of building relationships, enabling her to support the Kittle staff when they need advice or assistance.
Her attention to detail makes her well-suited to support our clients and writers as a proofreader.
Rachel is always looking for ways to enhance our business practices; recently, she had been busy planning and organising the layout for our new office.

“As Alan’s wife, and the Company Secretary, it has been incredible to watch the company grow from taking on our first member of staff, whilst based at our home, to expanding into a large office with a team of 20+ people.
We have always wanted to make our staff feel like family, and it is a pleasure to see this, and our staff enjoying working together and genuinely liking each other.
It truly has been amazing supporting Kittle Group and their clients!”


Christine checks our writer’s work for spelling, grammar, consistency, and readability. This takes our work to the next level – providing clients a polished final product. This gives them assurances that Buyers will not spot errors in our responses. Christine excels at checking large amounts of work with a consistently high attention to detail.
Having a dedicated proofreader who is unaffiliated to the project ensures responses are checked with an unbiased view, enabling any issues to be easily identified and rectified.

Christine currently works for us three-days a week and will extend to full time as demand increases.

“I really enjoy my role as proofreader, ensuring the accuracy, clarity, readability, and tone of every document we submit. It is a real pleasure to proofread for the Kittle Group and their clients.”

Christine has previously worked as a senior Personal Assistant and as a Medical Secretary, plus other roles in the NHS. The accuracy of medical terminology, drug names, and dosages requires a high attention to detail, and Christine brings that skill to her proofreading role.

Business Development 

Luke joined our Business Development team in 2021, bringing industry insight from his previous role in IT. This includes working with clients to understand their requirements, and how we can best meet them. Luke has expertise in analytics and a natural ability at building customer relationships. His sectors of interest are IT and Engineering. 

 “I am looking forward to helping Kittle grow as a company and to become the market leader in bid writing within the UK. I am excited about creating a new marketing strategy and working with clients to understand how we can assist them in bidding activity.”

Business Development 

Emerald joined Kittle Group in 2021 as a Business Developer, where she rapidly kicked off multiple transformational projects. Emerald brings a fresh and innovative outlook to the team, and a passionate belief in our unique service. Her sectors of interest include consultancy and the justice system.

” I thoroughly enjoy the multifaceted nature of business development at Kittle; being able to engage with internal and external operations. I love to understand our clients’ needs and how we can address them effectively. I also enjoy helping set realistic short and long-term goals and business strategies.”