Consultancy is people centric, and so public sector Buyers place a priority on assessing the team they are procuring. Bids therefore need to present the skills, experience, and culture of the individuals proposed for the assignment in the best possible light, and specific to the Buyer’s needs. Kittle Group understands the nuance of this emphasis, we work one to one with our clients’ consultants to best articulate both their solution and their competencies. 


Our Consultancy Bidding Experience

Requests for support from consultancy firms has been a growing market for us and has led to significant repeat work as clients win some large and prestigious contracts across Government and the wider public sector.

We find their tenders really interesting as they are often challenging projects that are fast moving and involve creative solutions.

Consultancy bids require high levels of collaboration with our clients' teams.

Example bids include:

• Developing organisational or programme strategy
• Leading and supporting business case development, including through governance
• Developing organisational design
• Conducting assurance reviews for Regulators and Sponsors
• Advising and implementing strategic change
• Implementing quality assurance management systems
• Assuring compliance with legislation and regulation.

Organisations we have helped clients bid into include:

• Cabinet Office (Crown Commercial Service)
• Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs (DEFRA)
• Department for Transport
• High Speed 2 (HS2)
• Highways England
• Low Carbon Contracts Company
• Network Rail
• Office of Rail and Road
• Restoration and Renewal (Palace of Westminster)
• Sellafield Ltd.

Common bid questions we therefore answer on behalf of  clients include:

• Experience and expertise
• Behaviours and collaboration
• Health and safety
• Knowledge transfer
• Partnership working and stakeholder engagement
• Planning and reporting
• Project and programme management
• Quality management
• Resources
• Social value
• Sustainability, including environmental management.

Our Experience in Writing Consultancy Bids

Case study 1 - Palace of Westminster Restoration and Renewal Programme

Kittle Group supported a client’s tender to the Government’s Restoration and Renewal Programme to lead work on defining a requirements management approach for the construction works.

We assigned two writers to the tender, working with the client’s subject matter experts collaboratively to ensure there was a common understanding of the Buyer’s specification, and then identifying the most appropriate evidence through case studies and added value. We were then able to use the material to position the client as having significant relevant experience and consultants of the right calibre to offer the Buyer the best value offer.

This was a positive project for the client and resulted in a win for this most prestigious of contracts.

“Thanks again for your support in winning this work. Your management of our bid process is critical to our success.”

"Kittle Group has the amazing combination of being incredibly personable, professional, and knowledgeable. Their knowledge of procurement rules and, in particular, public sector procurement is second to none." - Chief Operating Officer of a UK Strategic Consultancy

Case study 2 - Strategic review of Network Rail's procurement strategy for the Office of Rail and Road

This project saw Kittle Group support a client with preparation of a tender to the Office of Rail and Road (ORR) to undertake an independent assessment of Network Rail’s capability and capacity to deliver a successful procurement strategy.

Having spent time assessing the ORR’s and Network Rail’s specification, we assigned two writers to work with the client to understand their solution and where they could evidence past relevant experience that demonstrated their capability and capacity. This project had some tight deadlines and so we agreed a writing plan in advance that set clear milestones for our team and deadlines for the client to undertake their reviews. Questions included providing information about the client’s proposed methodology, their review team, CVs, and wider resource work.

This was a successful project and resulted in the client being awarded the contract by the ORR.

Case study 3 - Development of priority targets for the Office of Environmental Protection (OEP), DEFRA

Kittle Group was commissioned by a consortium of three consultancies to support a tender to DEFRA to define long- and short lists of potential targets against which the new OEP could measure DEFRA’s performance against a new climate change strategy. This new body would then report directly to Parliament with progress. 

For the tender, our writer worked with all three consortium members, together and as individuals, to understand their solution to meet DEFRA’s requirements and how they offer best value. Questions included their approach and methodology; experience of building consensus among diverse stakeholders with conflicting views; a project plan; resources and CVs; and measuring success. Having drafted responses, all three consortium members undertook reviews, and our writer therefore had to assess compatibility between each reviewer’s comments and agree a final position for the bid. 

This was a successful project for the consortium, resulting in a high-quality proposal.

"Working with Kittle Group has revolutionised bidding for us. Kittle Group has transformed the way we manage our bids, taking away the stress and time commitment bidding requires." - CEO of a UK Strategic Consultancy

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