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We have been supporting charities win contracts and funding since 2015 and have seen a significant increase in demand for our services as charities increasingly have to behave like mature businesses demonstrating a clear business need, experience, expertise, capacity, and good governance.


Our Charities Bidding Experience

We really enjoy supporting charities and other third sector organisations to succeed. We’re proud of the support we’ve provided and look forward to continuing to help them to grow.

When working with charities, we are mindful of the fact that all our clients have limited budgets and we, therefore, offer preferential rates and have, on occasions, offered our services pro bono.

Our Team

Our team of professional Bid Writers and Business Developers that will support your bidding.

Our support includes both bids for contracts with public sector bodies and for funding.

Examples include:

  • Supervision of offenders in the community
  • Support with short-term accommodation for the homeless
  • Support for those with mental health issues
  • Providing debt recovery advice
  • Managing drug and alcohol addiction
  • Supporting those who are victims of sexual and domestic violence
  • Supporting those who are victims of modern slavery
  • Resettlement of refugees in the UK
  • Organising workshops within the arts (music and dance).

Organisations we have bid into with clients include:

  • Home Office
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office
  • Police and Crime Commissioners
  • Arts Council England
  • Community Rehabilitation Companies
  • National Probation Service
  • National Health Service.

Common bid questions we, therefore, answer for clients include:

  • Overall experience, capacity, and capability
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Staff and volunteer recruitment, training, and supervision
  • Quality and performance management
  • Contingency planning
  • Partnership working and stakeholder engagement
  • Information assurance
  • Delivering value for money
  • Social value.
We love working with charities, especially local ones

Our Experience in Writing Charity Bids

Case study 1 - Ministry of Justice Offender Management

Our client, a community interest company, commissioned Kittle Group to support nine selection questionnaires to provide support to those committed of offences or at risk of offending across the West Mercia region. We worked closely with the client, interviewing their management team, to identify the evidence necessary to demonstrate their capability, experience, and capacity to deliver successful outcomes for individuals, their families, and wider society.

These were successful projects, with all nine bids passing to the next stage of the competition.

We subsequently supported the client to prepare their tender to the Ministry of Justice to provide residential support to women recovering from trauma and to help address substance misuse. Again, we worked closely with the client’s team to understand their approach and identify the evidence to show it would be successful. We then articulated this into the bid responses, drawing out the evidence. This was also a successful call off from the framework.

Charities with the right experience, expertise, and capacity are increasingly being awarded contracts to deliver public services.

We work with a number of charities

Regional authorities are encouraged by Cabinet Office policy to partner with third sector suppliers.

Case study 2 - Kent Police and Crime Commissioner

Our client was a small charity in Dover providing practical support and advice to homeless people across the district. We provided support for two bids over 12 months to compete for funding from the Kent Police and Crime Commissioner to advance its work with those living on the streets with mental heath issues.

For the project, our writer worked with the charity’s management team to understand the nature of their work, issues they were facing, and how their proposed diversionary interventions would meet the Commissioner’s objectives. These objectives were to have positive outcomes for those being supported and prevent them from becoming victims or perpetrators of crime. Beneficiaries were, therefore, both the homeless individuals and the police, and ultimately the people of Dover.

These two funding bids were both successful and the charity was able to advance its work in the town. We also provided advice on how to capture management information to demonstrate the outcomes delivered.

Case study 3 - South West of England Community Rehabilitation Company

Our client was a charity based in the South-west providing support to women who are victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence and were at risk of becoming offenders themselves.

We worked with the client to develop their proposal of the South West Community Rehabilitation Company (CRC) to provide a combination of interventions to help the women desist from crime and to help them heal from the trauma of their past. For us, this meant interviewing the clients, exploring their solution, and identifying evidence that supported their methodology. We also needed to evidence outcomes for the women and how the service would support the CRC, as the offender manager, to achieve its outcomes and offer value for money.

This was a particularly urgent project as we only had 3 days in which to prepare the submission and so we worked flexibly with the client to fit around their schedules.

The outcome was a successful tender, submitted on time, and they were subsequently awarded the contract.

The eight contract wins for this client have been transformative to their organisation.

Although we are trained and specialise in public sector tenders, the similarities in grant fund applications mean we are able to successfully support clients in this space.

Case study 4 - Arts Council England

Our client was a small arts charity, delivering workshops in the community to alleviate stress, support mental wellbeing, and promote the medium of dance. Our commission was to help the charity bid for funding from Arts Council England to organise workshops for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds during the holidays.

For this project, we worked with the client part-time over a number of weeks, helping them to develop their solution so that it met Arts Council England’s objectives and priorities. We then articulated that in response to a number of bid questions posed by the Council, evidencing how our client’s proposal offered an exciting opportunity for young people and afforded good value for money. While the client built their cost model, we helped them to capture their costs and cross referenced these against the bid narrative to ensure they had accounted for all elements.

This was a successful bid for the client, who was awarded the funding sought.

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