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We have been supporting clients in the construction and engineering industries since 2015 and have seen a significant increase in demand for our services as the Government focuses on largescale infrastructure.


Civil Engineering & Infrastructure

Our Civil Engineering and Infrastructure Experience

Examples of projects we have supported include: transport infrastructure (High Speed 2, Crossrail, the new Lower Thames Crossing, and Smart motorways); new hospitals, prisons, and schools; the renovation of the House of Parliament; installation and maintenance of stairs and escalators for High Speed 2; and the design and construction of baggage halls and baggage handling systems at airports across the UK.

We have worked with highways england

Organisations we have bid into with clients include:

  • Highways England
  • Network Rail
  • Department for Transport
  • High Speed 2 (HS2) Ltd
  • Crossrail Ltd
  • East West Railway Company
  • Transport for London
  • Department for Education
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Heathrow Airport
  • Department of Health and Social Care
  • Gatwick Airport
  • Edinburgh Airport
  • Manchester Airport
  • Birmingham Airport
  • British Airways
  • University of Oxford.
We have done extensive work with network rail

Construction and engineering contracts involving large infrastructure are often highly complex projects and programmes and so the most common questions we respond to include:

  • Compliance with legislation, including CDM Regulations
  • Design works
  • Simulations and emulations
  • Project and programme management
  • Developing a sustainable supply chain
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Health, safety, and wellbeing
  • Stakeholder management and communications
  • Collaborative working with integrated client teams
  • Management of risks, issues, and opportunities
  • Quality management
  • Sustainability, including environmental matters
  • Social value.

Our Experience in Writing Civil Engineering Bids

Case study 1 - Manufacture and installation of green tunnels

A joint venture between a major manufacturer of pre-cast concrete and a specialist installer of road and rail tunnels sought Kittle Group’s support for a major tender. Our role was to prepare their bid to a Tier 1 construction company for the design, manufacture, and installation of tunnels as part of the new High Speed 2 rail line between London and Birmingham.

This entire bid was prepared remotely, working with the clients in Lincolnshire and Paris to collate information of their solution, evidence to support their proposal, and details of added value. Our team then prepared draft responses, refining them with the clients as part of a review process. Responses included case study examples of comparable projects delivered by the clients, manufacturing and installation processes, logistics to transport to the construction site, and environmental management.

This was a successful project for the client that led to them being awarded the contract.


Engineering bids often have a strong emphasis on the environmental impact of the supplier's solutions.

We have written bids on implementing baggage conveyance systems

Sectors like engineering demand complex and technical bids. Our bidding process enables us to gather information from the client and translate it into clear and concise responses that will score highly against evaluation criteria.

Case study 2 - Design and construction of baggage halls and baggage handling systems for Heathrow and other regional airports

Kittle Group has supported a client with several tenders over 4 years for Heathrow to design, develop, manufacture, install, test, and commission new baggage handling systems.

The construction of new, large baggage halls, on both brown and green field sites and in a live airport environment, were challenging projects. We, therefore, worked closely with our client’s technical team of project managers, designers, health and safety advisers, IT specialists, and operators to fully understand their solution. We then presented the client’s innovative solutions to address the challenges in a way that would capture the evaluator’s attention and give confidence in the client’s capability, capacity, and experience to deliver.

These tenders were successful for our client and led to contract wins valued at over £6 billion over the course of 4 years. We additionally supported this client to bid for comparable contracts with 10 other regional airports, many of which were also successful.

Case study 3 – Construction of new prisons for the Ministry of Justice

Kittle Group was commissioned by a Tier 1 construction company to review a major strategic bid for the construction of new prisons. Our involvement started with advising the client’s subject matter experts on how to structure their responses to the Buyer’s requirements. We then re-reviewed the responses at different stages – from first draft through to the final document for submission.

Our reviews focused on helping the client to articulate their solution in a compelling manner, using a combination of strong narrative and graphics. We also looked for strong evidence of the client’s win themes, their capability, experience, and capacity to deliver the work.

This was a successful project for the client, submitting a bid that was both compelling and aligned with the Buyer’s requirements.

In addition, we have supported this same client with preparing other tenders to High Speed Two (HS2) Ltd and the Department for Education, which have also delivered high quality submissions to the Buyers.

The largest tenders often require bids from consortiums. This increases the importance of stakeholding, communication, and a consistent process to bidding.

Case study 4 – Integration Partner for the Lower Thames Crossing project

A consultancy client asked for Kittle Group’s support for a joint venture with a Tier 1 construction company to review a bid to Highways England related to the Lower Thames Crossing project. Our team reviewed the Buyer’s requirements and advised on how best to structure responses and present evidence to score maximum marks. We were then asked to review draft responses both at the first draft and final submission stages, giving constructive feedback on how to improve the responses further.

Bid questions we reviewed included: methodology and approach; capability and resources; driving project performance; operating an effective and efficient programme management office; and mobilising the programme for Highways England.

This was a particularly challenging project for the client given the deadlines they had to meet but the end result was a high-quality submission that aligned with the Buyer’s specification.

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