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Examples of defence bids we have supported include: satellite communications for the Ministry of Defence, maintenance of defence infrastructure for the Defence Infrastructure Organisation, and logistical services for the Australian Defence Force within Australia and overseas.


Our Defence Bidding Experience

We have been supporting clients in the defence industries since 2019, both single organisations and large consortiums, and joint ventures. Defence contacts are naturally sensitive and often classified in nature, so a number of our staff have Government security clearances to support such projects.

The most common questions we respond to include:

  • Compliance with legislation and regulation
  • Project and programme management
  • Design, development, and integration of secure IT systems
  • Physical security and vetting
  • Information security and data handling
  • Developing and managing supply chains
  • Logistics
  • Health, safety, and wellbeing
  • Facilities management – planned and reactive services
  • Asset management
  • Stakeholder management and communications
  • Collaborative working with integrated client teams
  • Management of risks, issues, and opportunities
  • Quality management
  • Sustainability, including environmental matters
  • Social value.

Our Experience in Writing Defence Bids

Case study 1 - Satellite Communications for the Ministry of Defence

Kittle Group supported a large consortium of defence and technology companies to prepare its selection questionnaire to the Ministry of Defence for a replacement secure satellite communications network. Our security-cleared team had responsibility for preparing multiple case studies to demonstrate the consortium’s organisations’ technical capability, experience, expertise, and capacity of delivering comparable contracts for national Government.

This was a challenging project as the timeline set by the Ministry of Defence to prepare the bid was short and we had to work across the five different organisations, looking for the right case studies that evidenced all the competencies required for the new contract. Our team additionally had to assimilate and understand large volumes of information that was complex and technical in nature, so that they could then create compelling bid narrative.

This was a successful tender for the clients, who qualified for the next stage of the competition.

The space industry continues to be a growing sector, as the UK recognises the importance of a domestic capability.

We supported a newly formed joint venture achieve an estimated £3 billion contract win.

Case study 2 - Hard FM for the Defence Infrastructure Organisation

Kittle Group has supported a joint venture between two FTSE 250 companies for maintenance of defence infrastructure on behalf of the Ministry of Defence. To date, we have supported two related bids into the Defence Infrastructure Organisation.

For both bids, we provided a team of 3-4 writers, working alongside the clients’ subject matter experts as the solution was developed, to identify the key information and evidence required to develop the narrative.

The bids have seen some large and complex responses, with questions ranging from a few sides to over 100 pages in length. Typical questions have included: asset management; development and management of supply chains; design, development and integration of secure IT systems; mobilisation, transition and transformation of the service from incumbent providers; management of security, including information and data; recruitment, development and retention of staff; and contract management.

These tenders were a success, our clients won both contracts.


Case study 3 - Logistics for the Australian Defence Force

An Australian client commissioned Kittle Group to lead a project for the retention of a service with the Australian Defence Force through a contract extension. The contract involved the management of medical and dental supplies for the forces across Australia and its overseas bases, notably in Malaysia.

For the project, we assigned one of our Senior Writers given the strategic importance of the contract, a requirement to work at pace, and a requirement to present both technical and commercial data for the client. He worked with the client’s staff across its operational, commercial, and business development teams to gather the necessary information required, creating a proposal for the Australian Defence Force that used both narrative and graphics to make the case for retaining the contract.

This was a successful project for the client, completed in just one week, and led to them retaining the contract for a further two years.

We are experienced at supporting internationally. As procurement matures in key global regions, the opportunities for public sector suppliers are expanding.

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