Kittle Group has a unique and deep expertise of the immigration sector, having won over billions of pounds of work for clients across refugee resettlement, detention, housing, and transport.


Our Immigration Bidding Experience

We have had significant successes supporting clients with immigration-related bids, bringing the writing expertise and insights of our Managing Director, who had responsibility for the procurement and operation of enforcement £200m+ contracts per annum.

Many of the immigration bids we prepare also cut across other services in which we have significant experience, for example: hard and soft FM (for the maintenance of housing or detention centres); logistics (for transport of asylum seeks and detainees); and IT infrastructure (for the design, development, implementation, and integration of case management systems).

We have bid into the home office on many occasions and have been very successful

Organisations into which we have bids with clients include:

  • Home Office, for example, the total maintenance contract for detention centres and housing in the community 
  • NHS, for the provision of healthcare services
  • Local Authorities for the provision of resettlement services for refugees.

Common bid questions we, therefore, answer for clients include:

  • Compliance with legislation
  • Security
  • Project and programme management
  • Health, safety, and welfare
  • Procurement 
  • Supply chain management
  • Working with voluntary and third sector organisations
  • Safeguarding
  • Facilities management
  • IT systems
  • Staff training and management
  • TUPE transfer
  • Logistics planning
  • Education and training
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Access to legal advice
  • Management of risks and issues
  • Use of restraint
  • Stakeholder management
  • Sustainability
  • Management systems for quality and the environment
  • Safeguarding
  • Social Value.
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Examples include:

  • Provision of accommodation for asylum seekers 
  • Deportation and repatriation of foreign national offenders
  • Management and operation of detention centres
  • Voluntary Return programmes for failed asylum seekers and overstayers
  • Electronic monitoring in the community
  • Resettlement programmes in the UK for refugees.

Our Experience in Writing Immigration Bids

Case study 1 - Gatwick Immigration Removal Centre

Kittle Group assisted a client with a successful tender to the Home Office for the management, operation, and maintenance of the Gatwick Immigration Removal Centre for high and low risk detainees. Our support extended across both the Invitation to Tender, Negotiation, and Best and Final Offer (BAFO) stages and lasted some 6 months.

Our team of four writers, led by our Managing Director, worked closely with the client’s subject matter experts to understand the client’s solution and then prepare the bid responses. At the same time, we cross-referenced the information to ensure bid responses were aligned and consistent.

Throughout the negotiation and BAFO phases, our team reviewed the key negotiation outcomes taken and updated the response accordingly, looking for additional opportunities to highlight added value and win themes.

This was a successful project for the client and led to a contract win. Since then we have won Dungavel and Derwentside IRCs.

We have bid into the home office on many occasions and have been very successful

Kittle Group's first supported IRC bid. This win, and the two subsequent wins, give us a 100% win-rate on IRCs.

Council houses apartment blocks estate

At this time, this represented our client's largest ever contract win, which we have since supported them in surpassing.

Case study 2 - Accommodation for Asylum Seekers

Kittle Group prepared three tenders to the Home Office for the provision of accommodation for asylum seekers across the Midlands, North East, and North West. It also included transport, welfare checks, and property maintenance.

When we joined the project, it was in distress, with the client struggling to articulate the solution in a way that would resonate with the Home Office. Our team, therefore, drew on their significant experience, working with the client’s subject matter experts to identify the information required, in particular, the added value and benefits they would bring. This was a significant project for us, requiring us to draft around 1 million words in just over 3 weeks.

Throughout the negotiation and BAFO phases, our team reviewed the key decisions taken and updated the responses accordingly. The outcome was a successful bid for the client and contract win across all three regions. Since then, we have also won two more IRCs.

Case study 3 - Refugee Resettlement

Kittle Group prepared a tender to the Home Office for a United Nations’ refugee programme. Our support lasted 1 month and included helping the client to articulate their solution for reception arrangements, transport, and practical support over 12 months to adjust to life in the UK and integrate into local communities.

For this project, we provided a senior writer with significant experience of writing successful tenders to the Home Office, who worked with the client’s team, running workshops on different topics. These included project planning; welfare support; IT systems; and recruitment, training, and management of staff and volunteers.

We then took the information to map the refugee’s journey throughout their initial 12 months in the UK and how the client’s support facilitated a successful resettlement and integration. We then drafted the proposal for the Home Office. 

The outcome was a successful bid for the client and a contract win.

Kittle Group looks for opportunities to work with third sector organisations. Charity suppliers can often provide competitive services at reduced cost, and create positive social impacts, when compared to for-profit organisations.

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