We have been supporting bids in information technology  since 2015. Our support in this sector has varied from integrated IT systems to blockchain technologies. The importance of IT is more and more recognised by public sector organisations, and we are excited about the bidding opportunities that will follow.

Information Technology

Our Information Technology Bidding Experience

Our involvement in IT tenders has included the design and development of new systems through to integration with the Buyer’s own systems. 

We have also supported hard FM bids that have required the installation of a Computer Assisted Facilities Management (CAFM) system, including data migration from one system to another.

Network switch and UTP ethernet cables

Examples include the design, development, and implementation of:

  • An end-to end case management system for the 2021 Census
  • A case management system for the Ministry of Justice’s Prisoner Escort and Court Custody Service
  • A case management system for the management of offenders in the community
  • A warehousing system for a local authority
  • An innovative artificial intelligence tool for defence
  • A blockchain technology for the European Commission
  • A case management system for the operation and maintenance of a prison
  • Integrated controls for a major airport operating system, integrating the airport with airlines and ground staff
  • Controls for conveyancing systems for a major logistics organisation

Organisations we have bid into with clients include:

  • Home Office
  • Ministry of Justice
  • New Zealand Department of Corrections
  • Scottish Government
  • European Commission
  • Heathrow Airport
  • British Airways
  • Gatwick Airport
  • Manchester Airport
  • London Borough of Hounslow.
Flight information, arrival, departure at the airport, London, England
Data Centre

Common bid questions we therefore answer for clients include:

  • Compliance with legislation and regulation, including GDPR
  • Information security and assurance
  • Certifications, including Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials Plus, and ISO 27001
  • Project and programme management
  • Requirements generation 
  • Development cycles
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Integration
  • Management of risks and issues
  • Change management
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • DevOps
  • Stakeholder management and communications
  • Sustainability
  • Social Value.

Our Experience in Writing IT Bids

Case study 1 - Census 2021

Our client was struggling to prepare a bid into the Scottish Government for the deign, development, and implementation of an IT system to manage the 2021 Census. Kittle Group was, therefore, asked to provide support and work with the client’s staff to prepare the draft responses covering:

  • Household details capture
  • Case management from dispatching census forms to managing returns
  • Dispatching reminders where returns had not been made
  • Managing data capture as forms were completed
  • Supporting data analysis by statisticians.

The integrity of data security was a critical element for which we needed to clearly articulate the security features that would be put in place, and the level of testing that was undertaken to assure the public that the system was secure. This was a highly technical bid that required a detailed understanding of the terminology used both by the client and the Buyer, and then how to present that information in a succinct and clear manner. 

This was a successful tender for our client who was subsequently awarded the contract by the Scottish Government. 

UK Census 2021

The technical nature of IT bids places extra emphasis on the early phases of bidding. The storyboarding and collaboration between SME and Writer is critical.

Baggage Claim Sign

We often prepare bids for clients that are part of a joint venture, which requires collating information across different businesses and aligning narratives between many stakeholders and SMEs.

Case study 2 - Data integration for Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airport invited tenders to create an integrated IT system that drew data from systems operated by the airport, airlines, and ground handling agents. This was to create a super system to analyse performance data across the baggage handling operations including airline check-in processes, the conveyancing systems, and ground handling agents.

Our client asked Kittle Group to support the project as, while they knew how to deliver the IT systems, they were not experts in preparing bids. This was a highly technical bid that demanded detailed understanding of IT systems and their development because of the need to integrate the client’s proposed solution with other stakeholder systems. It also required a good understanding of security controls given the sensitive information that would be captured and used by the parties.

Given our client was the lead party in a joint venture, it required expertise on our part in working across different businesses to collate information while being mindful to protect the integrity of their IPR.

This tender was ultimately successful for the client and their JV partners, winning this prestigious contract with Heathrow Airport.

Case study 3 - Electronic monitoring for the New Zealand Department of Corrections

A consortium sought Kittle Group’s support to prepare a tender to the New Zealand Department of Corrections for the provision of electronic monitoring equipment and software for its programme of community offender management. For us, this project had the added dimension of working across the consortium of three organisations in the United States, UK, and New Zealand. Our team worked collaboratively with the clients, including across the different time zones, understanding their solution for the service to create a coherent account for the bid responses.

Our approach included establishing client subject matter experts for each question, collating information through research and interview, and then producing draft responses for their review. We took feedback from this review process and refined the responses, cross-checking between them for consistency and compliance with the Department of Corrections’ requirements.

This was a successful project for the clients, submitting a tender that they recognised was the highest quality ever prepared.

"We couldn't have put such a fine proposal together without you." - Vice President of Marketing and Product Management

blockchain network

Bidding to the European Commission, rather than UK public sector organisations, required slight differences in process and narrative.

Case study 4 - New block chain technology for the European Commission

Kittle Group supported an innovative Distributed Ledger Technology start-up to conduct a two-stage review of their draft proposal to the European Commission. Firstly, we reviewed outline answer plans to advise the client about the overall structure of their responses and confirm their material answered the Commission’s questions.

Following this, we conducted a full review of the drafts, giving detailed feedback on elements such as: logical flow of content and language; strength of evidence provided; their win themes.

This client had no prior experience of bidding, and so found considerable value in advice and guidance on interpreting the Commission’s documentation and the form responses should take. Our experience meant we could speak to tricky questions for which the Commission had given no definitive guidance.

The project demonstrated the team’s ability to learn complex, and in many cases cutting edge, subject matter at speed, in order to accurately convey our client’s solution. This was a successful project for the client, resulting in a contract win.

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