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NHS & Social Care

The NHS and Social Care represent a significant share of all public sector spend. This is unlikely to decline as the UK deals with an ageing population and rising medical costs. Suppliers should consider bidding critical to any growth strategy. 

Our NHS & Social Care Bidding Experience

Kittle Group has provided support to a wide range of clients – from small family-run businesses through to multi-nationals – for all aspects of health and social care services.

Bids have included both membership of frameworks and single-supplier contracts.

These include the provision of:

  • Primary care on behalf of the NHS (GP, nursing, optometry, and dentistry) in prisons and detention centres
  • Interpretation and diagnosis of neurological scans on behalf of the NHS
  • Emergency first aid for Local Authorities at major events
  • Care homes for Local Authorities
  • Domiciliary care for Local Authorities
  • Medical escorting on repatriation flights (to and from the UK)
  • PPE.

Organisations we have bid into with clients include:

  • Home Office
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Police and Crime Commissioners
  • NHS Hospital Trusts
  • NHS Amublance Trusts 
  • Local Authorities
  • Australian Defence Force.
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Common bid questions we, therefore, answer for clients include:

  • Development and use of Care Plans
  • Working with families
  • Health and safety management
  • Quality management
  • Staffing and recruitment
  • Safeguarding
  • Training
  • Logistics
  • Information security and assurance
  • Meeting complex needs
  • End of life care
  • Cross-agency working
  • Clinical governance
  • Dispensing of medication and controlled drugs
  • Capacity
  • Outcome based care
  • Promoting independence
  • Patient confidentiality
  • CQC inspection outcomes
  • Social value.

Our Experience in Writing NHS & Social Care Bids

Case study 1 - Dungavel Immigration Removal

This project involved preparing a bid for the operation of an immigration removal centre for the Home Office and included the provision of primary healthcare for detainees covering: GPs, nursing, optometry, and dentistry. It also included arrangements for escorting detainees to and from hospitals for secondary treatment and follow-up appointments.

For the project, a team of three bid writers worked with the client’s subject matter experts to understand their solution for meeting the Home Office and Department of Health and Social Care’s stringent requirements. They then drafted responses that demonstrated the client’s competence to deliver clinical services safely and effectively, and their ability to meet national and contract-specific clinical standards, including dispensing controlled drugs within the context of a secure location.

This was a successful tender for the client who was awarded the contract by the Home Office.

GP health checks

Large operational contracts are often multidisciplinary. Due to our varied sector experience, we are well positioned to write about the varying services our clients will provide.

Kittle Group recognises the importance of accuracy and clarity when writing responses involving, or influencing, medical care. We are always reminding ourselves of the service users at the end of the procurement, who are supported by our clients.

Case study 2 - Domiciliary care for London Borough of Havering

Our client asked Kittle Group to help prepare a tender to London Borough of Havering for the provision of domiciliary care for residents unable to care sufficiently for themselves. Given the client’s busy schedule, our writers had to work extremely flexibly to maximise time spent gathering information and create a compelling account of how they intended to deliver the service. This meant arranging calls early in the morning or early evening and creating a writing plan that allowed as much time as possible for the client to review draft responses and confirm their factual accuracy, while still hitting the submission deadline in good time.

We also had to support the client to identify the value their service offered and benefits the Council would realise from the contract.

This was a successful bid for the client who was awarded the contract.

Case study 3 - Interpretation and diagnosis of neurological scans

This project was for a small family-run business that offered qualified neurosurgeons to examine scans taken by the NHS to provide hospitals with an expert diagnosis of a patient’s condition. It involved demonstrating throughout the bid our client’s professional competence and qualification to undertake the work to a high degree of accuracy, information security, and assurance given the highly sensitive nature of the medical data being processes, and their capacity to complete the work quickly, often within 2 hours of the scan being taken.

Given the geographical location of our client, we undertook all interviews over the telephone, asking specific questions required to prepare the detailed responses, establishing evidence to substantiate the client’s credentials and experience.

This was a successful project with the client submitting a high-quality tender to the NHS that met their requirements and demonstrated the value our client could bring to the service.

MRI Equipment

We have iterated and optimised our process to reduce the amount of time we need speaking with key client SMEs. In this case, our point of contact was a busy Doctor.

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