The Public Sector in the Facilities Management (FM) market in the UK was estimated at £58.4bn, accounting for 49.9% of the total FM market in the country.

Soft FM

Our Soft FM Bidding Experience

Soft FM has formed a significant part of our portfolio of bids prepared for clients over the last six years, ranging from the management of large and complex properties through to smaller manned guarding services. They have also included a wide range of Buyers, from Government departments to royalty.

Many of these bids are large and complex and require a detailed understanding of primary and secondary Health and Safety regulations, as well as the Buyer’s policies and procedures. They also need us to articulate how they will support environmental and sustainability objectives (including Net Zero) and increase demands by Buyers for other added value services.

Cleaning service

Examples of soft FM services include:

  • Cleaning
  • Catering
  • Ground maintenance, including gardens
  • Security
  • Mailroom services
  • Concierge
  • Waste management.

Organisations we have bid into include:

  • Home Office
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Apple Inc.
  • Oxford Brookes University
  • Abu Dhabi Royal Family
  • Local Authorities
  • Transport for London and London Underground
  • NHS
  • Australian Defence Force
  • Housing Associations
  • Forestry Commission.
Training on a forklift

Common bid questions we, therefore, answer for clients include:

  • Health and safety, for example, compliance HSE Approved Codes of Practice, food hygiene
  • Creating risk assessments and method statements
  • Staff qualifications, training, and development
  • Sustainability, including use of chemicals, reduced fuel consumption, and carbon reduction
  • Developing and delivering a planned maintenance programme, for example, a cleaning regime
  • Deployment of resources
  • Provision of a help desk
  • Use of CAFM systems
  • Giving the client access to performance reporting data
  • Management systems for quality and the environment
  • Appointment and management of subcontractors
  • Social Value.

Our Experience in Writing Soft FM Bids

Case study 1 - Apple Inc.

Our client, a family-run contract cleaning company, commissioned Kittle Group to support its tender to Apple Inc to provide soft FM services at its flagship London stores and research and development centre.

As a business to business (B2B) tender, Apple Inc’s requirements for the tender provided flexibility in how we designed the client’s proposal. We, therefore, invested significant time in developing different layouts and brands with the client to create a template that was innovative, fresh, and eye-catching.

For the content, we worked with the client’s management team, working through their solution to provide cleaning and mailroom services, helping them to think creatively within their price envelope to identify value added services that would excite Apple Inc. 

The outcome was high-quality product that demonstrated to Apple Inc. how our client was the right supplier for their cleaning and, ultimately, a contract win.

Large multinational businesses often adopt a thorough procurement practice, similar to the public sector. This tender into Apple Inc. was a great example of that.

Kittle Group is proud of our 100% success rate on IRC bids.

Case study 2 - Gatwick Immigration Removal Centres

Kittle Group prepared a successful tender for the management, operation, and maintenance of the Gatwick Immigration Removal Centre, providing secure accommodation for high and low risk detainees. Our support extended across all three big stages and lasted some 6 months. Questions relating to soft FM included:

  • Catering, meeting a wide range of cultural and dietary needs
  • Cleaning, from individual rooms to visits areas, kitchens, and educational classrooms
  • Security, physical, procedural and dynamic
  • Mailroom services
  • Sustainability – waste management, energy management and carbon reduction
  • Grounds maintenance and landscaping.

Our four writers worked closely with the client’s subject matter experts to storyboard each of the questions to ensure responses articulated their solution well and the benefit the Home Office would realise from the contract. Throughout the negotiation and BAFO phases, we updated the responses, looking for opportunities to improve the added value and way we presented their win themes. The outcome was a successful bid for the client and contract win.

Case study 3 - Oxford Brookes University

Our client, a local authority trading company, asked Kittle Group to support their bid to Oxford Brookes University for waste management services. The client was eager to win the contract but was conscious it would be bidding against national waste management companies with significant experience. Innovation would, therefore, be critical.

We provided a full-time writer, working with the client’s subject matter experts to help them understand the University’s specification, to test the proposed solution against the requirements, and to provide constructive challenge.

This was an exciting project, working with a client team that was new to bidding and was engaged at the prospect of winning the contract. We helped them to understand the process and advised on the best way to present information with evidence of their capability and capacity to be a successful contractor for the University.

The outcome was a successful tender for our client, resulting in a contract win.

Above Oxford. England

Public universities are subject to the same procurement regulations, and therefore follow the same processes as central Government.

Security Protection

Clients also use our services for business-to-business proposals. This proposal helped our client secure high-profile work.

Case study 4 - close protection to the Abu Dhabi Royal Family

Our client, a small security company, sought our support to create a proposal to their client, the Abu Dhabi Royal Family, for close protection and chauffeur services for UK visits. This was a novel project for us, given the subject matter, and so our team spent time understanding the context of what the client was trying to achieve from this proposal and the benefits they could offer the Family.

Our writer then worked with our graphic designer to create a template design that reflected the Family’s status and our client’s professionalism. It also reflected our printer’s requirement for a glossy brochure. In parallel, our writer worked with the client to create content that was succinct and articulated their services in a way that would catch the eye of the Family’s secretary.

This was a successful project for our client, who received a high-quality marketing product, both with the Royal Family and other high-profile clients across the Middle East.

Case study 5 - Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance

Our client, a small family-run grounds maintenance company, sought our assistance to prepare a proposal for landscaping and other related services on a private residential estate in Sussex. 

Although the contact was relatively low value, it was of high importance to the client given their long-standing relationship with the management company. With a very limited budget, we offered a preferential rate, and prepared a short proposal over 2 days, covering their methodology, training, health and safety and social value.

This was a successful project for the client, resulting in them winning a further contract for 5 years.

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