Our bidding experience

The broad range of sectors and industries we support demonstrates the significant experience we have in helping clients to prepare winning bids and tenders.

Whether you are bidding into the public sector (with its complex procurement regulations), or private industry, you will benefit from our extensive experience, flexibility and resources to meet your and your clients’ requirements .

We recognise you are the experts in your particular industry and we will work with you to understand:

  • The service you provide
  • Your approach
  • Accreditations
  • Experience.

We will then use this information to:

  • Prepare your bid
  • Identify any gaps
  • Evidence how you are the best company or organisation to deliver the contract.

At the same time, you will benefit from the insight we have into the bidding process. Our consultants have led procurement for UK Government and provide training on behalf of the European Commission to Member States on how to run competitions and evaluate bids. We therefore understand how evaluators operate and the best way to present information that attracts the highest marks.

These credentials, combined with our writing expertise, will give you confidence in the overall bidding process and demonstrate a return on your investment. You will find it a far less stressful experience and benefit from enhanced brand awareness and increased revenue as your bids turn into contract wins.

Aviation Bid Writing - Sector and Industry Experience

The aviation industry relies on contractors for integrated services like security, IT, catering, load marshalling, and baggage handling.


Aviation is a complicated sector and organisations like airport operators and airlines depend on contractors to provide services such as security, IT, catering, maintenance, load marshalling and baggage handling.

Some airports are publicly owned, often by consortiums of Local Authorities or partnerships between public bodies and the private sector. As public bodies, their contracts have to be let in accordance with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015. As a consultancy, we have significant experience of the regulations and are on the European Commission’s framework to provide training to Member States on how to comply with the Regulations. Clients therefore benefit from the insight we can bring to preparing such bids.

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Charities Bid Writing - Sector and Industry Experience

Charities are increasingly being contracted to deliver public services in the UK and overseas. 


Charities increasingly provide services for Government, Local Authorities and the police. Our clients have bid into departments such as the Home Office, Ministry of Justice, Department of Health, Department for International Development, Local Authorities and Police and Crime Commissioners.

In many ways, charities have to behave like mature businesses when they bid for contracts or funding. They have to demonstrate a clear business need, experience, expertise, capacity, measurable objectives, good governance, and a focus on performance management.

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Construction and Civil Engineering Bid Writing - Sector and Industry Experience

Civil engineering bids are often large and complicated covering a wide range of infrastructure projects such as new buildings, motorways and airport runways.

Civil Engineering and Construction

Civil engineering involves the construction of large pieces of infrastructure like buildings, bridges, motorways, and rail links such as London’s CrossRail, the new HighSpeed 2 or an additional airport runway at Heathrow.

Bids in this sector are often large and complicated, requiring different companies to work in consortia, joint ventures or as part of multiple supply chains. There is a particular focus on integrated design, programme management, health and safety, procurement, including the management of suppliers, management of risks, issues and opportunities, as well as working in partnership with other organisations.

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Engineering Bid Writing - Sector and Industry Experience

Engineering bids have included conveyancing systems for airports, airlines and warehousing.


Engineering involves the use of science and technology to design, build and use engines, machines and structures to deliver a service. Engineering cuts across many different types of bids, including infrastructure contracts for construction of buildings, bridges, motorways and rail networks to the provision of conveyancing systems in airports and warehouses.

Engineering bids are also often closely associated with the design and development of IT software controls.

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Facilities Management Bid Writing - Sector and Industry Experience

Facilities management bids include both planned and reactive maintenance of buildings, plant and equipment. 

Facilities Management

Facilities management includes planned and reactive maintenance of buildings and equipment. It ranges from cleaning and provision of catering, through to pest control and the maintenance of plant such as mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Health and safety legislation, regulation and industry standards feature prominently in bids.

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ICT Bid Writing - Sector and Industry Experience

Competition for ICT bids is particularly intense and suppliers are recognising the importance of professional support to prepare winning tenders.


ICT is a growing sector for us.

With the growth of the internet, our expectations to transact almost every aspect of our lives online, and the importance of technology to deliver services efficiently, it is no surprise that public authorities require contractors to design, deliver, support, and refresh their IT infrastructure. There are therefore lots of opportunities for ICT companies to grow their business.

Competition for ICT bids is particularly intense and suppliers are recognising the importance of professional support to prepare compelling tenders that win them new business.

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Immigration Bid Writing - Sector and Industry Experience

Immigration bids include provision of support services to the Home Office to deliver its core functions in administering immigration control in the UK. 


The Home Office is responsible for administering immigration control in the UK. Every year 133m people arrive as passengers at ports and airports. For those visiting, most will leave when their permission expires. A small minority will stay. It is the job of Border Force and Immigration Enforcement to detect those who do not qualify to stay and return them to their own country.

The Home Office uses both the private and third sectors to deliver support services that help its staff to deliver the department’s core functions.

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Justice Bid Writing - Sector and Industry Experience

The private and third sectors are playing an increasing role in the administration of the justice system.


The Criminal Justice System is overseen by the Ministry of Justice with delivery by a wide range of organisations including Police and Crime Commissioners, Police Forces, HM Courts and Tribunal Service, and HM Prisons and Probation Service.

The private sector is increasingly being used to support the system with services like the operation of prisons, detention centres and custody suites, prisoner and detainee escorting, offender learning and education, offender supervision in the community, and electronic monitoring.

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Health and Community Care Bid Writing - Sector and Industry Experience

The Government spends over 7% of its total healthcare budget with the private sector to deliver a wide range of services.

Medical, Health and Community Care

The UK Government spent £9.2 billion with private sector contractors in 2018/2019. That represents 7.3% of the total healthcare budget and an increase of £1.2 billion since 2014/2015. Contracts include the management and operation of hospitals, provision of in-patient and out-patient services, and care in the community. They also include the supply of equipment, clinical staff (doctors, nurses, etc.), and catering.

Health and welfare contracts are also let by other bodies such as Local Authorities, Police and Crime Commissioners, Border Force, and Community Rehabilitation Companies. They include care homes, healthcare in custody suites, and community programmes such as support for those with mental health problems and drug and alcohol addiction.

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Rail Bid Writing - Sector and Industry Experience

Over 20,000 miles of track, 2,500 stations and 40,000 bridges and tunnels are maintained predominantly by the private sector to keep trains running.


The UK rail network includes 20,000 miles of track, 2,500 stations, and 40,000 bridges and tunnels. The industry carries over 1.3 billion passengers each year and employs over 213,000 people from train drivers, to station staff, and those who maintain the track and signalling.  London Underground also carries 5 million people every day, across 250 miles of track. Combined, the rail industry is worth an estimated £14 billion to the UK economy.

Network Rail, a UK Government company, is responsible for the operation and maintenance of most of the network. Transport for London is responsible for the overground and underground network in London. Both organisations contract out in turn most installation and maintenance work to specialist private sector companies.

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Security - Sector and Industry Experience

Security bids include a wide variety of services to protect individuals, assets and to manage risk. 


Security contracts are worth over £4 billion per annum to the UK economy and include a wide range of services such as manned guarding, secure transport, close protection, key holding, locking and unlocking, security systems (CCTV, access control, etc.) loss prevention and revenue protection. A whole range of different organisations contract out their security requirements including Central Government, Local Authorities, airports, airlines, rail operators, universities, retail, hotels and office buildings.

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Utilities Bid Writing - Sector and Industry Experience

Utilities bids include water, gas and electricity industries and are often associated with civil engineering, construction and security tenders.


Utilities include the water, gas, and electricity industries. In this highly-regulated sector, bids have to demonstrate extensive relevant experience, compliance with national and International law and regulation and protection for the environment. Given their very nature and our reliance on them as a country, utility bids are often associated with the civil engineering and construction, security and facilities management sectors.

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